Best Actress of the week: Raima Sen

From now, we will be including the 'Best Bollywood actress of the week' theme to any actress who has come up with a brilliant performance in a film released during the week. In that respect, we should say that Raima Sen is the best actor this week for the movie 'Mirch'

The movie Mirch deals with female libido, and in this estrogen charged film, Raima Sen excelled with a stunning performance. Her eyes have a playful innocence with an irresistible dash of seduction. There were four stories in the film, and Raima performed in first and third, while Konkana Sen Sharma did the other two. One of the better films of Raima Sen and also one of the better films of the year, Mirch...go for it. And Raima, you don't have to be embarassed of the hot scenes, we would rather have you doing something outrageous and sensible rather than useless stuff. So the best actress of Bollywood for this week is Raima Sen

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